Bài tham khảo Writing Task 2 - Ngày thi 3/2/2018

The only way to improve safety of our roads is to give much stricter punishments on driving offenses. What extent do you agree or disagree?


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Ensuring the passengers' safety has always been a tough mandate of the authorities in the contemporary world with the high-intensity traffic resulting from great transportation demand. Thus, it is proposed that there is no other option rather than imposing heavier punishments on traffic-related wrongdoers. From my perspective, I am only in partial agreement with this view because of reasons analysed in the below essay.

On one hand, stricter regulations on traffic laws are undeniably considered to be a necessary and immediate solution to decline the casualties rate on roads. To begin with, more severe punishments may act as a deterrent to those who traffic carelessly with impunity. A clearer illustration for this is that the irresponsible drivers may hesitate and decide to not exceed the speed limit or consume alcohol before driving as they are afraid of heavy penalties as well as other legal procedures casing sequent obstacles. Additionally, frequent supervisions and patrols of the law enforcers on the roads play an equally vital role which will help orientate citizens to travel according to the laws. To be more specific, officers’ existence acts as a reminder to prevent people from ignoring and violating the traffic laws. Besides, policemen can instantly arrest offenders and adjust the traffic flows in case of congestion, which all guarantee safe and smooth movement.

On the other hand, the method mentioned above is included but not limited to when it comes to alleviation. Firstly, another is upgrading the transportation infrastructures because low-quality state of roads and streets also are the major culprits of the occurrence of numerous traffic accidents. Secondly, educational campaigns are worth carrying out to raise the awareness among the public. In other words, publicizing images and annual mortality rates of traffic accidents beside demonstrating real risks of thoughtless driving is likely to trigger some alerting signals in people’s mindset and gradually eliminates neglectful trafficking habits. Obviously, heavy punishments may be helpless with the wealthy but when having the better insight, they might reconsider the significance of responsible driving and voluntarily turn into law-abiding traffic participants.


From the foregoing, it is wise to support the synthesis of a variety of procedures to provide the inhabitants with the well-being of roads. It is the government who should enact strong and efficient policies to minimize the annual losses caused by unfortunate accidents.